TN Logistika SK-RO can count on qualified partners.


Torello, a historic business operation from Montoro (AV) founded in 1975, operates in the field of hauling services and logistics. The primarily family management constitutes one of the strong points of this company that, in the sixties, established itself successfully on the domestic and international market. With about 1500 vehicles the Torello fleet provides personalized solutions for any transport needs, carried out with multiple types of vehicles and tractor trailers – from combined to intermodal.
To ensure a capillary presence on the market, the company is continuing to develop a distribution network that operates through localized platforms across the entire domestic and international territory. Torello completes its range of operations with a brand new logistics service that guarantees storage in its own warehouses, creating tailor-made projects and always privileging a partnership rapport with its customers.


La TN Logistica SK was founded in early 2007 with a solid know-how in the transport and logistics sector, gained thanks to its managers and its team who identified and carefully selected the market segment. The company policy is based on professionalism and teamwork. Placing customers as top priority and the specific skills of their human resources ensures that TN Logistica SK’s services are chosen by large multinational companies in the food and other sectors. We have consolidated our presence in the Eastern market to our partner company and, over the last four years, our business traffic with Eastern European countries has tripled.