From the time consignment is accepted all the way to delivery and safe unloading of the cargo.

The highest level of safety is equivalent to the situation in which the risk of accidents that may involve the person or the vehicle on which they are moving are reduced to a minimum. Constant monitoring of the vehicle and precise personnel training increase the safety level.

Digital support
TN Logistika SK-RO ensures advanced digital support thanks to investments in technologies in terms of real time traceability of the cargo and the vehicle: from the time consignment is accepted until the cargo is safely unloaded. Anywhere, on a national and international level, the exact position of the vehicle being used to deliver the cargo can be determined.

Human resources
In addition to technological monitoring options, TN Logistika SK-RO has centralized customer service.The company provides assistance as close as possible to the customer’s needs through a compact group of expert and reliable people who are dialogue and customer satisfaction oriented. Communication and availability, together with a cutting-edge management system, guarantee a superior quality service.
The customer can feel how close we are!

Vehicles that are reliable, functional and… clean!
The fleet is regularly subjected to washing operations – in accordance with HACCP – guaranteeing the hygiene and safety of the foods transported. Vehicles in perfect organic condition.