A trustworthy partner, for any type of cargo, for any destination.

TN Logistika SK-RO offers more basic and complementary services, adapting them based on customer requests.

Quick and safe loading, transport and unloading operations.
The company carries out integrated and coordinated management of every aspect of the goods shipment: from organization to monitoring up to delivery. No matter what the distance is.

A trustworthy partner that provides assistance choosing the most suitable transport method, operating with excellence in optimizing delivery and pick up times.

Full truck load (FTL) transport
Vehicle exclusivity and optimized costs. The complete loading method allows a high percentage of personalization because the vehicle is occupied entirely by a single customer’s cargo.

Groupage ¬ Less Than Truck Load (LTL)
Combine several customers’ cargo for the same geographical area in a single vehicle. The ideal solution in the event that there are not large quantities of cargo to be shipped.

Fleet and sectors served
Refrigerated, multi-temperature, isothermal, curtainsider, sheeted and maxi-volume vehicles for the transport of dry and fresh products. TN Logistika SK-RO is organized with a capillarity such to be able to serve various distribution channels: Ho.Re.Ca, Normal trade, GD, GDO quickly and with experience.